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Stay connected with Club Assure's tailored telecom solutions for clubs.

Club Assure's telecoms solutions for clubs can help with facilitating internal communication among staff and engaging members through updates and promotions.

Telecoms are vital for the seamless operation of clubs. Telecom infrastructure aids in day-to-day operations, emergency communication, and supports point-of-sale transactions. Additionally, it enables clubs to provide entertainment services, manage marketing efforts, and gather valuable member feedback for continuous improvement. In essence, reliable telecom services are the backbone of efficient club management, contributing to enhanced member experiences and overall satisfaction.

Even if you’ve got a landline already in place at your clubs’ premises, it could be worth looking to switch to a provider who offers cheaper calls or a better overall service. We have a range of deals available for clubs, each offering different services. All we need to do is find out your clubs needs, so we can shape you the right plan.

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Which Telecoms solutions can Club Assure help you with?


We have connections with the UK's leading energy suppliers, meaning we can explore competitive prices for your club. Whether your objective is budget certainty or price optimisation or both, our team can help you get your energy expenditure under control.


Stay ahead of the curve by transitioning to VoIP today! As the BT ISDN switch-off rapidly approaches, now is the optimal time to make the switch. VoIP enables you to handle phone calls on any internet device, eliminating the need for a wired landline.Our assistance is available to facilitate your transition to VoIP, establishing a variety of cloud phone systems that enhance the seamless functioning of your club.


We understand that your club needs to stay connected; and mobiles enable you to do just that.With an increasing number of clubs embracing flexible work arrangements, a significant portion of employees now operate remotely. The significance of having a reliable and robust mobile package has never been more crucial, ensuring employees can make important calls without disruptions.Collaborating closely with you, we can design a personalised mobile package for your club, inclusive of hardware options and software upgrades.

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