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Explore card payment solutions for clubs that can save you time and money.

At Club Assure, we've built partnerships that extend across multiple banks, allowing us to tailor exclusive card payment solutions for clubs of all sizes.

Comparing the prices of card payment packages for clubs is a complex task, due to the lack of standardisation in the industry and are subject to diverse charges depending on the supplier. This makes it challenging for clubs to conduct meaningful price comparisons. Our specialists in card payments are dedicated to securing competitive deals for you. Our transparent and competitive packages empower customers with genuine flexibility in managing their club’s card payment services.

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Which Card Payment Solutions Can Club Assure Help You With?

Committed Account Management

You'll be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will thoroughly familiarise themselves with the intricacies of your club. Your Account Manager will present you with a range of personalised card payment packages, assist you in evaluating suppliers, and guide you in selecting the most fitting contract for your club.For any inquiries regarding your account, you'll have direct contact information for your Account Manager, ensuring prompt and personalised responses to address your questions.

A Competitive Price

By leveraging our extensive network and partnerships, we actively engage with multiple banks and financial institutions to negotiate card payment packages tailored to the unique needs of your club. Our team of card payment specialists utilise their industry expertise to analyse and compare offerings, ensuring that our clients have access to competitive prices in the market. By navigating the complex landscape of card payment services, we prioritise transparency and competitiveness, empowering clubs with cost-effective solutions that align seamlessly with their financial objectives.

Firm Security and PCI Compliance

Navigating PCI compliance can often be a complex and daunting process for clubs. However, our services are designed to simplify this experience, guiding clubs through the intricacies of PCI requirements. We provide comprehensive assistance to ensure that your club achieves and maintains PCI compliance, effectively minimising the associated challenges. Our expert team not only facilitates the compliance process but also educates clubs on best practices to uphold security standards. Our commitment is to streamline the compliance journey, allowing clubs to focus on their core activities while maintaining the highest standards of payment security.

Latest In Fintech

Make sure you’re equipped to take payments with our latest generation of Tri-connective touch-screen card machine.

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