Energy Solutions for Clubs

Practical energy solutions for clubs of all types and sizes.

Navigating energy contracts can be complex and time-consuming.

As a result, many clubs may choose quick and simple options, rather than exploring the full market. While convenience is important, this can often lead to clubs securing contracts which may not necessarily be the most competitive. Given that energy expenses already accounts for a substantial portion of a club’s operational costs, efficiency in managing this process is crucial.

At Club Assure, we firmly believe that you shouldn't have to compromise between value and convenience.

That’s why our dedicated team of industry experts are here to assist you. We take the hassle out of the energy procurement process by comparing energy prices on your behalf, with the aim to secure the most competitive prices available. Our unique approach to is designed to help our clients not only reduce their expenditure, but also gain control over their consumption and enhance their sustainability efforts.

We have cultivated strong and enduring relationships with all major suppliers in the UK energy market.

Whether your club is large or small, we guarantee a thorough review of your energy needs. You can trust us to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the options available, so that you can make well-informed decisions for your club.

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Which Energy Solutions Can Club Assure Help You With?

Energy Procurement

We have relationships with the UK’s leading energy suppliers, meaning we can explore competitive prices for your club. Whether your objective is budget certainty or price optimisation or both, our team can help you get your energy expenditure under control.

Energy Management

We specialise in assisting clubs in the implementation of effective energy management practices, providing avenues to lower energy costs and minimise your club’s carbon footprint.

Given the increasing complexity of energy contracts, the task of reviewing and verifying the accuracy of your energy bills can be both time-consuming and challenging. Dealing with billing discrepancies may lead to hours spent deciphering confusing information. Our energy management services address these challenges by taking care of the entire process for you.

Our comprehensive energy management services encompass thorough checks on essential aspects of utility management. By entrusting these responsibilities to us, you can be confident that your energy management is handled meticulously and accurately.

Renewable Energy

We recognise the necessity and demand for renewable energy projects. Not only do these projects help with cost reduction for clubs, but they also work in conjunction with carbon reduction and off-setting. We work closely with leading suppliers and contractors to deliver renewable projects. We’re proud to see these projects benefitting our clients’ long-term ambitions.

Energy Tracking and Monitoring

Energy tracking and monitoring offers invaluable advantages to clubs by enabling efficient resource management and cost savings. Energy monitoring involves the tracking and analysing of energy consumptions in various systems to optimise energy efficiency, reduce costs and where necessary minimise environmental impact. Through the utilisation of IoT (Internet of Things), you can collect real-time date from the connected devices. There are several simple ways to increase capability of energy monitoring and reporting, such as; smart meters, energy management systems, and sensored/smart lighting.

Energy monitoring allows clubs to optimise their operations based on fluctuating occupancy and event schedules, ensuring that energy is used effectively during peak times and conserved during low-activity periods.

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