Renewable Energy Solutions for Clubs

We tailor renewable energy solutions for clubs across the UK.

We are passionate about helping implement renewable energy solutions for clubs, pushing the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

We recognise the necessity and demand for renewable energy projects. Not only do these projects help with cost reduction for clubs, but they also work in conjunction with carbon reduction and off-setting. We work closely with leading suppliers and contractors to deliver impactful renewable energy solutions for clubs. We’re proud to see these projects benefitting our clients’ long-term ambitions.

Where, in the past, clubs could only easily access the wholesale gas and electric market, it is now becoming easier to access these renewable energy solutions through organisations such as ourselves. With our extensive industry expertise and commitment to renewable energy, we offer tailored solutions that align with your environmental goals and save you money in the process.

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Which Renewable Energy Solutions Can Club Assure Help You With?

Solar PV

Solar PV not only reduces environmental impact but also offers substantial cost savings. By generating clean and renewable energy on-site, clubs can significantly lower their electricity bills, freeing up resources for enhancing member experiences and facilities.

You will have access to bespoke designs, specific to your club’s site and usage. The proposal you would receive not only displays how much the installation would cost (self-funded), but also shows how the installation would look on the site, and how long it would take to have a return on investment in a detailed analysis.

There are numerous benefits of installing Solar PV including the fact that it is a 100% renewable green supply, saves on finances, no planning permission is required (apart from some size installations in Scotland), and it’s now efficient all year round!

LED Lighting

LED lighting stands out as a game-changer for clubs seeking efficient and impactful lighting solutions. LEDs have many benefits, such as a longer lifespan, more energy efficient, improved environmental performance and low voltage operation.

Our LED lighting solutions are highly energy-efficient, using up to 80% less energy than traditional lighting. Combining Solar and LED can work great together as it enables you to generate your own electricity at a reduced rate (PPA) and use less electricity to power your lighting!

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points

With the use of electric cars on the rise, many clubs now need to start thinking about implementing Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points. We offer an end-to-end solution fully financed for EV. As the world moves towards a sustainable, low-carbon future, the importance of electric vehicles is rapidly increasing. At Club Assure, we are at the forefront of this transition, providing expert advice and innovative solutions to help organisations with the installation and management of EV charging points.

Carbon Net-Zero Pathways

Our Net-Zero Pathways provide a roadmap for clubs to achieve their net-zero goals. We can help you develop a comprehensive plan to reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint, ensuring that you meet your sustainability targets. As a brief overview, carbon net-zero solutions can range from; climate change agreements, solar energy, LED Lighting, energy efficiency, using suppliers backed by REGO certificates and calculating/managing carbon emissions through constant analysis.

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