Water Solutions for Clubs

Explore solutions that could help you save money on your club's water with Club Assure.

At Club Assure, we provide tailored water solutions for clubs of all sizes. We offer a free water audit to highlight the areas where you're overspending, and overall aim to help your club save time and money.

In 2017, the UK government created the largest competitive water market in the world, with over 1.2 million customers free to choose their water supplier for the first time. However, many clubs are still unaware of this and are simply renewing contracts that they agreed to before the market was deregulated at a much higher rate. Due to this, we offer clubs a free water audit, so that you can see areas where you are overspending. We are partnered with all major water suppliers in the UK, meaning we can find a competitive water package for your club. 

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Which Water Solutions Can Club Assure Help You With?

Choose a new retailer for you club's water services!

The deregulation of the water industry gives you the option to choose your water retailer. This can be overwhelming due to the many companies providing this service, all with differing prices. We will search the industry for you, taking the hassle out of choosing the best supplier for your club.

Renegotiate with your existing supplier.

If you’re hesitant in changing your current supplier, you could still benefit from our service through renegotiation of your current water tariff. We want to ensure that your club is receiving the most suitable package for your needs.

Choose a new price and package from your chosen retailer.

Once we have identified all possible options for your club, you choose what you think is best. We will be by your side in making this decision, ensuring that you receive a competitive deal for your club.

Leakage and Return To Sewer Allowances

Water leaks can have a big financial impact on your club, often going unnoticed for a long time. Our water management services include a thorough analysis of your supply to address leaks promptly.Additionally, our team specialises in securing leakage allowances and return to sewer allowances. This enables your club to reclaim incorrectly charged fees associated with these costs. By leveraging these tools, Club Assure gives your club the opportunity to improve its financial position while promoting responsible water practices.

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